M1S4 Stand

● Suitable for M1 Series Portable Monitor
● Quality metal structural parts ensure durability
● Quick Release Design for easy installation
● Works with any desk and laptop setup
● Easy to Adjust at Wide Range of Angles
● Height adjustable
● Wire slot for Cable Management

M1S4 Quick Release Monitor Stand

Raise the Monitor for All-Round Vision

Mount the M1 series monitor on M1S4 desktop monitor stand to raise the eyesight and sit upright naturally, which relieves shoulder and neck pain caused by improper posture. The design of M1S4 monitor stand balances both stability and adjustment flexibility. With its free lift, orientation change and angle adjustment features, M1S4 monitor stand provides excellent vision for both sitting and standing!

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*In the M1 series, only the M141E monitor supports portrait mode installation (90°/270°).

Vertical Stacked Dual Screens

Work efficiently and ergonomically

Different from the dual monitor side by side, the M1S4 monitor stand elevates M1 monitor above the laptop screen to arrange dual screens stacked vertically to extend to double display area, which helps you to browse app windows horizontally, stretch your stiff shoulders and neck, and maintain a healthy spine curve. Avoid you from being hunched over your desk, and start your day productively!

Portable stacked dual monitor for laptop
M1S4 Desktop Monitor Stand-for stacked dual monitor with laptop
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Are you sitting right?

According to OSHA recommendations, the highest edge of the display should be at or slightly below eye level, so that the center of the screen is 15 to 20 degrees below horizontal line of sight.

M1S4 2_posture1

Wrong sitting posture

M1S4 2_posture2

Correct sitting posture

Quick Release Design

Flexible Mounting and Unmounting

The M1S4 desktop monitor stand specially designed for M1 series portable monitor adopts a quick release design without locking screws. By pressing the quick release button of M1 monitor stand, you can pull M1 stand out and insert the monitor onto M1S4 stand easily, turning M1 monitor into a desktop monitor in seconds. When going out, you can quickly remove it and turn it back into a portable monitor. Whether in the office or at home, you can have dual monitors wherever you go!

quick release mount on M1S4 desktop monitor stand

Small Desk with Big Magic

Vertical Stacked Dual Monitor

Do not let a messy desktop get in the way of your thoughts! Laptop Dual monitors can no longer only be placed side by side on the desktop. The flat base design of the M1S4 monitor stand allows you to place it behind the laptop without hindrance and still maintain a good desktop depth. By raising the monitor and freeing up space to the left and right of the laptop, you can work comfortably on a small desktop with stacked dual monitors.


Change Orientation for a New Vision

A Clear Overview of Documents and Coding

Set up a vertical monitor! To open a coding window, an A4 file, or any other document suitable for portrait browsing, simply insert the M1S4 desktop monitor stand into the quick release right/ left port of M141E 14” monitor. The display area height of 301.6mm is just perfect, and you can adjust the height and tilt angle stepless! Get a right-hand assistant to work with you instantly!

quick release mount of M1S4 desktop monitor  stand

Portrait Display – A Perfect Counter Monitor

Featuring rear cable management and a symmetrical design with narrow bezels on all sides, the M141E vertical counter monitor is exceptionally space-saving and can be seamlessly integrated into commercial spaces like counters and reception areas. The easy-to-use quick-installation design ensures that you can create tabletop digital signage and small advertising displays effortlessly, without the need for cumbersome component installations!

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*In the M1 series, only the M141E monitor supports portrait mode installation (90°/270°).

Up to You! Magnify Screen of Small laptop

Being a mobile worker, you can set up M1 monitor upon your small laptop, such as Microsoft Surface Go or Surface Pro, and set the external monitor as your "main display". In this way you can easily adopt the original keyboard together with the extra M1 monitor to work. No more hunching back or straining to stare on your small laptop.

Slide 1
surface pro as vertical stacked dual monitor
Surface Pro-vertical dual monitor

Back to the Original Keyboard

The second monitor, the laptop display and the laptop keyboard are arranged from top to bottom so that you do not need to connect an external keyboard or struggle to adapt to different keyboards. You can use the original keyboard of the laptop freely!


Free Height Adjustment at Your Fingertips

With the screw knob on the back of M1S4 monitor stand, you can flexibly adjust the stand height to suit your sight height, and finely adjust the alignment between the M1 Series monitor and the laptop.


Display area
Height adjustment range

M1S4 desktop monitor stand with lifting function
M1S4 desktop monitor stand-height adjustable-vertical stacked dual monitor

Easy to Adjust at Wide Range of Angles

With the high-strength hinge of M1S4 monitor stand, the angles between 20° forward and 50° backward can be adjusted stepless. Adjust the monitor forwards or backwards finely to suit your standing or sitting position, ensuring clear view effortlessly without straining your eyes or neck.

*Recommended Tilt Adjustment Range of the M141E Monitor is 15° forward to 45° backward in horizontal mode, and 90° to 45° backward in vertical mode.

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High Strength, Stable and Firm

The body of M1S4 monitor stand is made of iron, and painted by power electrodeposit, showing a fine texture and a matte texture. The stand base is thin and tiny, not taking up space, but keeps stable by its balance design. After installing the monitor from its quick-release stand, the high-strength hinge of M1S4 stand makes the raised monitor stay stably without shaking!


Emphasizing Every Detail!

Tips for Cable Management

The I/O ports of M1 series monitor are all located at the rear. After connecting the cables, they can be tucked into the cable slots of the M1S4 monitor stand to hide the dangling cables perfectly and keep the front of the screen looking fresh and tidy!

M1S4 Cable 480p Low

Free Combination
to Create Your Own Video Wall

Combine with the M1 quick release stand or monitor arm to create various multi-screen configurations and build your own super workstation! Utilize the 14-inch M141E portable monitor by turning it into portrait mode for comfortable coding and viewing A4 documents effortlessly!

stacked dual monitor for laptop
vertical triple monitors with laptop
quad monitors with laptop

New Invention! Mobile Screen Cart

The four screw holes on the M1S4 base can be locked to the shelf of the IKEA RÅSKOG cart. Use M4 screws and suitable nuts to fix the stand on the metal mesh shelf to create a mobile screen cart in minutes!

DIY Monitor Cart with M1S4 Monitor Stand
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