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Master MacBook Screen Splitting Shortcuts to Handle Multi-tasking Windows on Multi- or Vertical Screens

What to do when the built-in split view on a MacBook can't handle multitasking windows? This article will introduce the shortcut techniques of Rectangle in detail. Whether you are using multiple screens or vertical screens, you can easily switch or arrange windows with shortcuts, achieving more efficient multitasking and fully unleashing the multitasking potential of your MacBook!

Windows 11 Advanced Multi-Screen Display Settings Tips—Multi-screen Alignment and Barrier-Free Cursor Movement

More and more people choose to set up their own personal multi-screen office environments, eg. large+small or landscape+ portrait screens. Use these Windows 11 advanced multi-screen display settings tips to fine-tune your display settings for smooth multi-screen operation. Or use the freeware LittleBigMouse to achieve precise alignment and barrier-free cursor movement.

How to Choose the Right GeChic M1 Series Monitor

GeChic M1 series portable monitors, including three models M161H, M152H, and M141E. This article will explain the specifications, features and suitable groups for each M1 series monitor, for users to find the best matches to meet their demands. If you are considering purchasing an M1 series portable monitor but are confused about which model is more suitable for you, please be sure to refer to the following content.

Ubuntu Multi-head Touchscreen Settings

Ubuntu users with dual- or multi-screens will notice that while the screens display normally, the external touchscreen can’t response correctly. This happens because the touch signal from the USB port is not properly mapped to the external monitor. please follow the steps below to manually set up the mapping of the external touch monitor. Please follow the steps in this article to manually set up the mapping of the external touch monitor.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts for Dual Monitor

With Windows keyboard shortcuts, we can operate multiple Windows programs more quickly and smoothly. Here we have compiled Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts related to dual monitor work. As a dual-monitor enthusiast, don't miss them!