Quick-Release Wall Mount Plate(VESA 75)

● Proprietary for M141E/ M152H/ M161H portable monitors
● Made of high-strength iron
● Compatible with VESA 75 M5 screw holes
● Be secured directly onto the wall
● Can be attached to VESA 75 monitor arm/wall bracket/T1S2 Stand/T1S5 Swivel Stand, etc.
● Equipped with M1 quick-release plug for easy installation/removal
● suitable to install monitors in malls, countertops, factories/production lines, office/home spaces

Revolutionary Design

Mount Screen on Wall in a Second

Say goodbye to bulky monitors! The M1 series of monitors offer a slim and portable design that can also be mounted on walls. To simplify installation, the quick-release wall mount plate has been specifically designed for M1 series monitors. This plate can be easily attached to the wall or various VESA monitor arms and then plugged into the M1 monitor, saving your installation time and effort.

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Stable and Robust, Closer to the wall

This wall mount plate is made of sturdy iron and has three screw holes to attach M1 series of monitors to the wall. The compact design of the plate allows the monitor to be positioned a mere 3.5cm from the wall, eliminating the need for additional recesses in the wall. Simple to install, the wall mount plate enhances the appearance of your setup.

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QR Wall Mount-2-2
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Iron with Powder Coating

Fine-textured matte black surface

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Quick-Release Plug

Plug & Play, Easy Installation

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Strong Hinge

Strong support and flexible tilt adjustment.

Rotate the Direction!

Perfect to Watch in Portrait

To achieve standard horizontal viewing, simply insert the quick-release plug of the plate into the bottom quick-release slot of the M1 monitor. By inserting the right or left quick-release slot into the plate, the M141E monitor can be turned to a vertical orientation of either 90° or 270°.




← To display M161H/M152H in portrait mode, simply lock the quick-release wall mount plate straight onto the wall. Insert the monitor into the quick release plug on the plate horizontally through top / bottom quick-release slots. Finally, fine-tune the horizontal tilt angle of the monitor.


*Caution: Avoid colliding the monitor with the wall while adjusting the tilt angles. The adjustable tilt angle varies depending on the model.

High-Strength Hinge

Free Adjustable Tilt Angle

The quick-release plug features a high-strength hinge design that allows the screen to be tilted forward and backward according to the mounting position and viewing needs.

VESA 75 Standard Holes

Compatible for Various Mounts

When paired with a VESA 75 monitor arm, the quick-release wall mount plate can be easily elevated by using two sets of bolts and nuts to attach to the 75mm holes on either the top or bottom row of the VESA arm!

QR Wall Mount_5-2
QR Wall Mount_5-3

*To rotate the orientation or adjust the height of the monitor, please use the VESA bracket of the arm to turn or move the monitor. Do not directly hold and turn the monitor.

QR Wall Mount-VESA Arm

Dual-Arm, Dual-Screen

A Perfect Match for Your Large Monitor

When using a large desktop monitor as your primary display, the M1 series of monitors can be converted to a vertical second monitor with a twin cantilever VESA arm. Additionally, two M1 monitors can also be utilized to configure a dual-monitor workstation!


Suitable models :