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Installation of Vertical Display

Which models of Gechic monitors can be set vertically?

M505, 1306, 1305 series support one-second flip vertical display

If with optional T1S2 desktop stand, T1 Series Monitor can support vertical display.

The detachable tripod of the 1503 series supports vertical display installation.

Models such as 1002, 1101, 1303 must be used with the accessory Stand 4 for vertical display.

How to set 1503 as portrait display?

Refer to the fig.; remove the 3 screws.Take off the Detachable Stand and put the magnetic buckle into the lower slot. Aligh Stand’s mental latch to the slots on the side of monitor and put monitor into the stand finally.

Does Gechic monitor provide car mount?How can I install Gechic Monitor in the car?

We are sorry that there is no tool to install On-lap in the car.On-lap monitors are designed to use on the desk.It doesn’t have the safety certification of car electronic equipment.Therefore,we won’t suggest to use On-lap monitor in the car.