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General Installation

How to install Gechic monitors with laptop in general?

📌A:①  Please power up the Gechic monitor first, usually by plugging the USB cable into the USB port on the monitor and the laptop. If the main device cannot supply power, use a 5V 2A adapter and plug in the USB cable to power the monitor.
② When the power indicator of the monitor lights up, connect the video cable. Please plug the HDMI video cable into the HDMI input port on the monitor and the HDMI output port on the laptop.
Note: The transmission specification of USB Type-C can transmit both power and video signals at the same time. If you are using a model that supports USB Type-C input, please plug in the USB Type-C video cable directly to the screen and the laptop when the laptop is already powered on.

Shall I install drivers for Gechic Monitors?

📌A:Any laptop, camera, or mobile phone can adopt Gechic Monitor if your device supports HDMI / VGA / USB Type-C Displayport Alt image output. As long as your digital device operates the common OS(Windows 10/11 、Mac系統、Linux) , there is no driver required for Gechic Monitor.