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T1 Touch Monitor-FAQ

Q1. In multi-screen environment, when touching  T1 monitor, the cursor appears on another monitor?!

📌A:Please refer to the following page:Open “Tablet PC Settings” in Windows “Control Panel” to start touch monitor settings

Touch Screen Calibration

Q2. How to extend the USB cable if the distance between the compputer and T1 monitor is more than 1.5 meter?

📌A:① T1 monitor needs to be connected with a 12V adapter. When the USB cable is extended, the voltage will drop less than 5V, and T1 monitor can’t be powered by a USB port on the PC.
② Please purchase the optional USB-A (male) to USB-A (female) extension cable (1.5m). Up to 4 extension cables can be strung up to a total length of 7.5m.

Q3. When my PC wakes up from Sleep mode, the connected monitor can’t work touchscreen function, display nothing or shows “No Signal”.

📌A:Pleare refer to the following article:
Enter 【Device Manager】 and unfold【Universal Serial Bus controllers】 to set the PC not to turn off the power of Generic USB Hub in its Sleep mode.

Touch monitor doesn’t work after the computer wakes up from hibernate/sleep? Disable USB Power Management on Windows 11/10