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No display or abnormality when connecting to Switch console via USB-C

📌① Please make sure that your Gechic monitor supports power charging function?! By default, the Switch consoles can only output video to external devices while charging, so the monitor must supply the Switch 7.5W~39W power via USB-C, otherwise it is not possible to use TV mode on external monitors.
② Please use the original USB Type-C video cable that comes with your Gechic monitor. Some USB-C cables on the market only support power and USB signals, and cannot support DP video transmission.
③ Please reconnect the monitor & switch by the following steps:

A) Plug the power cable into the monitor and make sure the monitor power indicator is on.
B) Plug the USB-C video cable into the USB-C port on the monitor.
C) Power on the Switch console.
D) Plug the other end of the USB-C video cable into the USB-C port of the Switch console, wait for a few seconds, the Switch console screen will disappear and the Gechic monitor shows the Switch’s screen.
[📢:Since the USB-C transmission has a certain hand-shacking time limit, the USB-C transmission channel may not be established if either the monitor or the Switch is under booting while connecting.

📌A: After finishing a game, the Switch console turns off or hibernates and the Gechic monitor stops supplying power to the Switch. Then, the Switch will turn on automatically when the power supply is interrupted. Please change the Switch’s settings : to [System Settings] > [Sleep Mode] > select [Off] for [Wake When AC Adapter is Disconnected], so that the Switch does not leave sleep mode due to power interruption.

📌A: This is caused by an error that YouTube on the Switch can’t obtain the HDCP autorization code of the monitor through the USB-C video cable. Please use the HDMI port on the Swich Dock to connect to the HDMI port of the monitor, and the monitor can play YouTube video and sound at the same time.