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Q1. How to display different images on the M141E monitor and laptop’s screen?

📌 :For Windows 11/10, please enter 【Settings】>【 System】>【 Display】, select 【Extend these displays for Multiple displays】. For Mac OS X, please Enter 【System Preferences】>【 Displays】, click 【Arrangement】 and uncheck 【Mirror Displays】 to use the extended display mode.

🏮Please refer to this page-Windows 11 Display Settings, for Windows detailed settings
🏮Please refer to this page-Mac OS Display Settings, for Mac OS detailed settings
🏮To learn multi-screens arrangement. Please refer to-Windows 11 Advanced Multi-Screen Display Settings Tips
🏮To learn Hotkeys of screen rotation, please refer to –Tutorial of Intel Screen Rotation Hotkeys

Q2. Power on M141E by using the computer’s USB-A port but the monitor flickers or cannot turn on.

📌 :When the computer’s USB-A port cannot provide sufficient power, M141E cannot be powered on. Please use a 5V 2A Adapter (optional) to connect to the DC IN port of the monitor.