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No display after connecting to a camera

Q1:No image on Gechic monitor after connecting to a camera?

📌A:① Please make sure that the monitor has been successfully powered by a 5V 2A adapter and the power indicator on the monitor is on.
② Please consult with the camera manufacturer to make sure that the camera model has the HDMI output function for real-time preview.
③ Please check the HDMI output setting of the camera itself. It is recommended to use the photo preview mode first instead of the recording preview mode.

Q2:When I record a video on my camera,there is no display on Gechic monitor?

📌A:The system load of the camera is heavy during recording, and some cameras may interrupt the HDMI output function at this period. Please check with your camera manufacturer if the model supports HDMI output while recording. For the system efficiency, many cameras cannot record and output HDMI images at the same time.

Q3:When connected to a digital camera /DSLC, why can’t the monitor display in Live View?

📌A: Some of the digital cameras, such as Nikon D7100 and Canon 5D, would turn off “Live View” feature under HDMI-CEC settings.
Please disable the “HDMI-CEC” functionality in the camera when you setup Gechic monitor as live-view monitor for your DSLR/digital camera.