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Adnormal Sound

There is no audio output but only image display ?

1)Please check your monitor model first. Series 1301/1302/1501/1305/1306 don’t support speaker function.

2)Please confirm you use HDMI cable, not VGA cable, becasuse VGA transmit doesn’t support audio transmition.

3)Please check the voice volume setting on OSD is not 0 or mute.

3)Please check the voice volume setting on OSD is not 0 or mute.

4)Please confirm the speaker setting of your laptop is set as Gechic HDMI monitor

5) If none of the above, please plug a headphone to the headphone output port of monitor and make sure whether voice outputs. If not, please contact Gechic Service.

I input the audio to the monitor but the monitor’s speaker didn’t work.

Gechic’s headphone jack is for audio output, not input.
Users can not input the audio signals. When inputing audio to Gechic monitor’s headphone jack, the monitor will turn off the internal speakersf or safety.

After connecting to PS4, the monitor only displays background music without the characters’ voices.

Except dual channels, all of the PS4 games’ sound effects have third bass vocal channel. Since the audio output of our monitor only supports “two channel,” please make sure the audio settings of PS4 is set as two channels.

When connecting Gechic monitor to DVD player or game console, it only play background music but no human voice output

Gechic monitors equip with 2 channel speakers. Please set up the 2 ch. options or stereo output rather than 5.1 ch. in game console or DVD player. Thus, all sounds can be played through Gechic monitors.