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adnormal Touch

The touch function of touch monitor doesn’t work?

  1. Please check your USB power & touch cable is connected to the correct port of Gechic Monitor. The correct USB port is USB logo one, not DCIN one.( USB port with DCIN logo only supports power in.
  2. Please check if a new “USB input device” had added to the list of “Human Interface Devices” in “Device Manager” of Control Panels. If not, please check above connection again. If yes, your touch monitor shall response now.
  3. If your laptop system is Windows 7, you may need to do “Tablet PC setting” to assign Gechic monitor as a touch monitor. Plug Gechic monitor to laptop –>click [Control Panel]-> search” Tablet PC setting”–> choose”2 display:HDMI monitor”–> calibration

If the above suggestions still cannot solve the problem, please call or write to the customer service center.

When touching the screen,the cursor responded on the wrong display

The problme may be caused the wrong settings of touch input on Windows.

Please connect the Gechic touch monitor to your computer first. (Windows won’t show the Tablet PC function if no touch screen is connected. )
In Windows 7/8.1,please search “Tablet PC” and set it up based on the instructions.

In Windows 10,please search “Calibration” in “Settings”. Then press “calibrate ” to alignment the display and touch screen.

I didn’t touch the screen but the cursor moved by itself.

The power noise or strong electromagnetic filed may cause the wrong response.
Please make sure that there is no lamp,equipment or other stuff with strong electromagnetic field near Gechic touch monitor.
Please connect Gechic touch monitor to the USB ports of notebook and won’t connect notebook to the AC power socket on the wall. Move the screen and laptop away from household appliances such as table lamps or microwave ovens and see if the phenomenon no longer occurs.

My Gechic touch monitor responded at first but stopped responding later.

Please use 5V-2A adapter to power the Monitor. You may enter Windows control panel>> device manager, and check whether the monitor is on the list of “USB input device”.
If not, the connector or cable could be defective.Please try another USB cable.

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