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Touch Screen Calibration

Windows 10 Touchscreen Setting

Please connect Gechic touch monitor to your computer first, if not, the calibration can be begun.
In Windows 10, search”calibrate” by search icon. Click ” Setting” for identifying Gechic Touch Monitor.

2. Choose Gechic Touch Monitor and click “Calibration” . Follow Windows instructions to calibrating the touch position.

For details and troubleshooting on calibrating the touch screen, please refer to this article.

Windows 8.1/7 Touchscreen Setting

In Windows 8.1/7, search ” Tablet PC Setting” on Control Panel to calibrate touch input. As Fig., please select “Setting”, when Windows message appears on the screen of On Lap touch monitor, follow the direction to touch the screen and the setting is complete.

What kinds of operation system support touch monitor?

Windows 7: Yes, but only single click
Windows 8.1 & Windwos 10: Yes! It also support 10 dections and gesture.
Apple OS/iOS:No. The cursor will react when user touching the screen.However,the cursor’s location could be wrong and it doesn’t support the gesture.
Linux & Android: Yes, if the OS developer enabled “HID multitouch panels” while building the kernal.
(For Linux and Android developer, please active “HID multitouch panels”while establishing kernel, and the external touch monitor can ve supported. )

Ubantu: Yes.(Revision 14.04 and later).Some limitation or gesture problem may happen. Pls suggest the users to check it in Ubantu community first.