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Abnormal Display

Q1:Why does my 1080P Gechic monitor display 1366×768 or 1600×900 only?

📌A:When the “Duplicate these Displays” function is set on your laptop, the resolution of the second monitor will be synchronised with the resolution setting of the main dispaly.
Please check whether the resolution of your laptop display is 1366×768 or 1600×900. When the resolution of the main display is lower, the system will automatically select the lower resolution to display, instead of using 1080P.

Q2:Why does my monitor keep flashing and rebooting?

📌A:Your computer’s USB port may not be able to provide enough power to the Gechie monitor, making the monitor not work properly and flickering. Please try the following three solutions:
① Insert the two USB-A plugs of the power cable into the two USB ports on your laptop to increase the power supply.
② Please use the 5V 2A charger together with the Gechic monitor to supply power. (If the model does not come with a 5V 2A charger, please use a commercially available 5V 2A charger.)
③ Turn down the volume and brightness until the flickering stops.
✪Note: Please use the USB cable that comes with your Gechic monitor, as many thin USB cables on the market may not be able to transmit power current correctly due to substandard cores.

Q3:My laptop’s USB port can’t power on the monitor or “low power” warning is shown. How shall I do?

📌A:Most of the Gechic monitors are designed as 5V powered. However, the lowest power consumption still requires 1A currency. If your laptop’s USB power output is too low to power Gechic monitor, please try the following solutions:
① Please change to a 5V 2A power adapter for power supply
② Please power on the monitor first with a 5V 2A adatper to modify the OSD settings. Try to set the brightness as 30 and voice volume as 0.
After then, power the monitor by USB ports of laptop and check the result.

Q4:No display on my Gechic monitor when my PC is under booting (BIOS mode)

📌A:This problem should be caused by the BIOS programme, please contact your PC manufacturer to update the BIOS to support the video format of Gechic monitor, such as 1366X768 (60Hz).