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Abnormal Display

My Gechic monitor supports 1080P, however, why it only display 1366×768 or 1600×900 now?

Please check if the main-display of your notebook is 1366×768 or 1600×900?
When “Duplicated mode” is selected in the display settings, the computer will choose the lower resolution for display. Since the main display of notebook has lower resolution, the computer displays the lower one instead of 1080P.

Why my Gechic keeps flashing and re-booting?

This problem shall be cause by the unsufficient power input to the monitor.
1) Please use 5V-2A adapter to power on Gechic monitor.
2) Please insert the two plugs of USB cable for more power supply.
3) Please reduce the brightness or volumn until the flashing is gone.
Please do use Gechic’s cable and adapter due some thin USB cables in the market is not capable for supplying power.

After connecting Gechic monitor to the USB port of laptop, the Monitor can’t be power on / shows the “low power” warning. How shall I do?

All of the Gechic monitors is designed as 5V powered. However, the lowest power consumption model still requires 1A currency. If your laptop’s USB power output is too low to support Gechic monitor, the Monitor can’t be power on.
Please try the solutions:
A) Please change to 5V 2A power adapter for power supply
B) Please power on the monitor first to modify the brightness=30 and voice volume =0 via OSD. After then, power the monitor by USB ports of laptop and check the result.

There is no display on my Gechic monitor when my PC is booting up(BIOS settings). After the PC finishes booting, the display is normal.

It seems that the computer doesn’t support the resolution of Gechic monitor. A new BIOS updated is requested.
Please check with your computer manufacturer if the BIOS supports the resolution of your Gechic monitor.