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No Display or Power LED not On

There is no image on my Gechic monitor. It showed “No signal”.

📌A:Please follow the following steps to restart the video connection.
 ① Please check if the HDMI,VGA or mini-DP cable is plugged to the correct input ports of Gechic monitor.
 ② Please select “Auto Search” in “Input source” of OSD menu.
 ③ Please unplug and plug the video & power cable again based on the following steps.

A) Plug in the power cable to the monitor and make sure the power indicator of the monitor is on.
B) Plug the video cable into the video input port of the monitor.
C) Plug the other end of the video cable into the video output port of the laptop.
(Note: The computer should not be under booting at this time, as the computer system is not yet on, it may not be able to establish the video signal transmission connection.)

If there is still no display, please contact Gechic’s distributor for warranty service for further inspection.

The power LED is not on. Gechic monitor doesn’t display.

📌A:Please make sure you have connected the USB cable to a power-suppied USB port. You may plug the USB cable to a 5V-2A power adapter in case some computer cut off the power supply of its USB port.
If the power indicator is still off when connected to a 5V 2A power adapter. We are afraid that the mainboard of Gechic monitor was burned by higher voltage input(>5V) or the micro-USB connector or USB cable was broken.
You may try another USB cable to power on Gechic monitor.If the power indicator is still off, please contact Gechic’s disti for warranty service or further inspection.

The USB-C video input disappeared after the PC wakes up from sleep mode。

📌A:When the computer resumes from sleep mode to power-on mode, sometimes the the USB-C video output function was not resumed normally. Please try:
① Set the computer into sleep mode again, and then wake up the computer in one minute.
② Shut down and restart the Windows system. Usually the USB-C video output function can be restored normally.

There is no image on my Gechic. It showed “Out of range”

📌 A:Normally the situation shows the video format that Gechic monitor received was out of its spec. For example, M505E’s resolution is 1920×1080. The suggested input resolution is 1920×1080(60Hz). Please check if your computer outputs the correct resolution and frequency.