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Connect with Camera

How to connect my camera to you Gechic monitor?

1.Firstly, please confirm whether your camera supports HDMI output or not.

2.If yes, please then confirm whether the connector type of your camera is mini-HDMI or Micro-HDMI. Currently, we provide two optional cables for camera connection-mini-HDMI to micro-HDMI video cable and micro-HDMI to micro-HDMI video cable. Please purchase the optional cable you need.

3. The camera cannot supply power to the monitor. Please connect the USB cable to a 5V-2A charger or mobile power bank for supplying power to the monitor. (Note: 1102H has a built-in battery module, so it can be directly connected to the camera for use.)

Can Gechic support video format – 24/25/30Hz ?

At this moment, only our 1101P model supports these movie format (25/25/30Hz).