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No signal when connecting to PC/smartphone via USB-C

Q1:The monitor shows “No signal” when connecting to PC or Smartphone via USB-C port

📌A:① Please make sure your smartphone or computer supports USB-C DisplayPort alt output function! If the USB-C port of the device only supports power or general USB data transfer, it will not be able to output video.
② Please use the original USB Type-C video cable that comes with your Gechic monitor. Some USB-C cables on the market only support power and USB signals, and cannot support DP video transmission.
③ Please reconnect the phone and monitor by the following steps:

A) Plug thepower cable into the monitor and make sure the monitor’s power indicator is on.
B) Plug the USB-C video cable into the USB-C port of the monitor.
C) Turn on your smartphone or computer.
D) Plug the other end of the USB-C video cable into the USB-C port of your smartphone or computer, wait for a few seconds and the sceen image of smartphone/PC will be displayed on the Gechic monitr.
[📢:Since the USB-C transmission has a certain hand-shacking time limit, the USB-C transmission channel may not be established if either the monitor or the Switch is under booting while connecting.

Q2:When waking up my laptop after hibernation, the monitor did not display automatically?

📌A: When the computer system is woken up, the system may not automatically reconnect the USB-C port, so the monitor is no display.
① Please reconnect the USB-C video cable to your laptop.
② Please turn off both the computer and the monitor after your usage. When you need to use the computer again, power on the monitor first and then the computer, and the computer will connect to the USB-C video port automatically.

Q3:When connecting to my smartphone via USB-C, the monitor sometimes flickers or reboots?

📌A: The phone may not be able to provide enough power current to the monitor through the USB-C port, resulting in the monitor flickering or not being able to boot up. Please use a separated 5V 2A charger to connect to the monitor’s DC IN port to supply power independently.