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Q1. How to set M16 monitor and laptop as extended display?

📌 For Windows 11/10
Please go to【Settings】➔【System】➔【Displaays】, under【Multiple Displays】, select 【Extend these Displays】➔click【Keep changes】.

📌For Mac OS 13
Click the button to open the start ment, click【System Settings】➔click 【Displays】➔Click the external monitor and choose 【Stop Mirroring】uder 【use as】menu.

Q2. There is no image while connecting PC or smartphone by USB-C port

📌Your PC or smartphone must support USB Type-C DisplayPort alt mode(DP alt mode). Please contact the manufacturer of your PC/smartphone to confirm wheter USB-C DP alt mode is supported.

Q3.The monitor connected to my smartphone via its USB Type-C port flickers or restarts sometimes.

📌Smartphone may not be able to output stable 5V 2A current to the monitor. Please connect the 5V power adapter to the DC IN port on the monitor.