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Q1. After ending the game, Switch console automatically turns on, causing the battery to run out.

📌A: After finishing the games, the monitor is off or in sleep mode and it stops to power switch. Due to power interruption, Switch will be on automatically.
Please change the setting in Switch, enter System Settings➔Sleep mode, and select [Disable] for “Wake When AC Adapter is Disconnected” so that Switch won’t wake from sleep mode when AC adapter is disconnected.

Q2. How to make M152H monitor display in full screen when a smartphone is connected to M152H

📌A: The display result depands on the video output format of smartphone. When the smartphone displays content in portrait, the mirrored image displays in the center part of the monitor. An alsmost full-screen display only shows when rotating the smartphone screen to landscpae mode.

Regarding to the displsy result and full screen restriction of connecnting smartphine with an external monitor, pleae refer to the article—No full-screen display while Connecting iPhone 15 to a USB-C Monitor? Magnify and Charge iPhone 15 via USB-C

Q3. When using YouTube on Switch console to play videos, the monitor only display images but not sound

📌A: This is caused by an error that YouTube on the Switch can’t obtain the HDCP autorization code of the monitor through the USB-C video cable. Please use the HDMI port on the Swich Dock to connect to the HDMI port of the monitor, and the monitor can play YouTube video and sound at the same time.

Q4. Use the USB-C video cable to coneect the monitor to the computer. When the computer was turned on the next day, the connection between the computer and the monitor failed, and the monitor could not display images

📌A: When the computer restarts, the USB-C video connection may not work automatically, so the monitor cannot display the video.
① Please re-plug the USB-C video cable to the computer.
② When not using the computer, please turn off the computer and the monitor. When using it again, turn on the monitor first and then turn on the computer. The computer shall be able to connect the USB-C transmission automatically.

Q5. When the M152H monitor is connected to a 65W PD power adapter and connected to the computer via a USB-C video cable, why can’t the monitor display the image? Or can’t charge the laptop?

📌A: The USB-C port of the M152H monitor can output a maximum power of 20V-2.25A. If the computer’s charging demand is more than 20V-2.25A, the computer will automatically cut off the USB-C connection, causing the M152H monitor to be unable to display or charge the computer. For example, the charging requirement of some gaming laptops is 20V-3A or 5A, leading to a disconnection of the USB-C connection. Please remove the 65W PD power supply of the M152H and use the computer to power the M152H monitor. The monitor can then display the content normally.